National Tap Dance Day

Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, advises “filling the well,” nourishing creativity with sensory images from music, dance and art.

Judy Reeves, author of A Writer’s Book of Days, suggests “cross-fertilizing” writing with other art forms.

I ♥ Dance!

Dance restores my creative energy and I rely on weekly classes with my favorite teachers to balance out the cerebral and solitary nature of my writing life.  Today, I indulged my dancer self by celebrating National Tap Dance Day at a special workshop presented by Rhapsody in Taps, a Los Angeles based touring company of skilled tap dancers and jazz musicians.

Many thanks to Rhapsody in Taps and also to Chloe Arnold, Fred Strickler and Monti Ellison for teaching me much more than dance steps.  My body is tired and my feet are sore, but my soul is filled with rhythm and joy.

National Tap Dance Day is celebrated annually on May 25th in honor of Bill Robinson (1878-1949), one of the great early tap dancers.

If you’d like to join in the celebration, try taking a class at a local dance studio or visit Masters of American Tap Dance online and learn a few steps via the Internet.  Or maybe just watch a classic tap dance movie.  Your feet will love you for it!


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6 responses to “National Tap Dance Day

  1. Leah

    I took tap dancing many years ago (with Monica actually). It is SO much harder than it looks. I gave it up after a while, but I love the sound of the metal taps clinking together. I still have my shoes. Sophie found them recently and thinks they are the coolest things; she’s ready to sign up for tap. I love Judy Reeves and Julia Cameron too!

  2. I love The Artists Way as well. I took tap dancing as a wee one, and have always loved it. I can relate to Leah’s Sophie being so fascinated by the “magical” shoes. I loved my shiny patent leather shoes, and so admired my teachers higher heel dance shoes. I dreamed of the day I could have those! Sweet memories! Thank you for the reminder to honor the art form Wednesday!

  3. I’ve always loved Julia Cameron’s thoughts on the creative process. Dance isn’t my alternative endeavor of choice (except for club, go figure). I took a salsa class and it was a sad affair. I was an aerobic instructor for many years; I’m used to large muscle movements. Plus I’m prone to vertigo, and had to take dramamine every time I went because of the twirling. Actually, now that I consider it, it might make for a half decent blog entry!

  4. Three cheers to Julia Cameron and Judy Reeves- both fabulous inspirational women! And to you, Shary, for your wonderful nudge to nourish ourselves with other art forms. I love artist dates and need to treat myself again soon. I often find poems waiting for me after shaking it loose with dance, or visiting a museum and soaking in all the beautiful impressions, textures, and colors. Dance on! Write on!

  5. I’m a tap dancing fool myself, but had no idea about Tap Dancing Day. Thanks for posting this–it’s a wonderful celebration of a true American art form! 🙂