Books I Love

I’ve always loved to read.  Books can be instructive, inspiring, diverting, educational, or simply entertaining. I find new ideas no matter what I read. I’ll discover a word I’ve never heard, travel to a place I’ve never been, immerse myself in history, or explore topics from philosophy to genetics.

I’ll read anything from classics to mysteries, histories and memoirs, from popular fiction to short stories and poetry, but novels are my favorite form.  I get to know the characters. I immerse myself in their lives to try to figure out why they do the things they do. Whether a novel is popular fiction or literary, when I read, I step outside of my own life and focus on someone else. I practice seeing life from another’s point of view. Who wouldn’t benefit from doing that a little more often?

These are just a few of the many books I love.  What are your favorites?


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11 responses to “Books I Love

  1. Hmmm…that Potato Peel Book sounds interesting.

    Lately, I’ve been reading self-published authors. One was a memoir. I have two books of short stories and a mystery. I have an affinity toward women’s fiction, multicultural genres and I read a bit of history. Of course, I read books related to art and sometimes, material related to politics. Business and technology are also favorites

    Characters in novels who are living on the fringes of society are who I enjoy reading about.

  2. Thanks for the recommendations! Someone else just recommended a writing book by Anne Dillard. I need to check her out.

  3. I love so many books, it’s hard to single one or two out. I’m a fan of novels myself, although I will read short stories and memoirs. A few of my favorites are The Remains Of the Day, The House of Sand and Fog, The Dogs of Babel, Love In the Time of Cholera and Asylum. I read Annie Dillard’s writing book; it’s different and pretty cool. What did you love about An American Childhood?

    • When I read An American Childhood, I just kept thinking, “Yes, that’s how it was for me, too.” I felt that she captured her experience of childhood so vividly; reading about it brought back so many memories of my own.

  4. Ah. Identifying with someone is such a powerful experience. And she’s an extremely vivid writer. What a great read for you.

  5. This is great, getting to see some of your favorites. I too love books, everything about them. I will be putting a few of these on my reading list now. What fun! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I’d like to read that Annie Dillard book, and I have the Guernsey etc. book on my bookshelf but haven’t read it yet. Books I’ve read recently and loved are The Wednesday Sisters by Meg Waite Clayton, and Lucia, Lucia by Adriana Trigiani. I’m also a Ray Bradbury fan. Would you believe he’s going to be 91 in a few weeks and he’s still writing?

    • I loved The Wednesday Sisters, too. I haven’t read Lucia, Lucia, so I’ll put that one on my list.
      Can’t believe Bradbury is still writing at 90. That’s my new goal – to still be here and still be writing.