A guest post by Lola

I have mixed feelings about suitcases. Whenever they come out of the closet, one or both of my people leave. I hate that. But sometimes I get to go along. Although I prefer home overall, great things can happen when we load the car. I love to sniff the vents as we drive down the highway. The trouble is, those rides last way too long. I get tired and thirsty, but I don’t want to drink the water they keep offering because I never know how long we’ll be on the road.

Last week, we drove to Sedona. Every time we stopped to rest they carried me from the car to a tree and back again. I do not like to be carried. I’m not a little dog. Then I stepped onto the blacktop and I figured it out. Youch! I’ve never felt anything so hot in my life.

Finally, we got off the big highway and I knew that meant we were almost there. Thank goodness.

As soon as we arrived, I took a big drink and started to explore. I liked what I found at our hotel. It wasn’t as hot there as the places we had stopped along the way and there were lots of dog smells for me to study. Our room had a cool stone floor and a back door with a small yard just for me. I wasn’t the first to claim it, but if I have my way, I’ll be the last.

Just outside our front door was an inviting lawn but I wasn't allowed to roll in it or even walk on it. A dog can dream.

After dark, we set off on a walk, my favorite thing to do. We went to Ken’s Creekside American Bistro for dinner and I had my own menu. I really wanted the steak tartar, but my people said it would be too much food for me. So I ordered a couple of jerky cookies and they were quite tasty. My people seemed to like their food a lot, too, because I only got a tiny nibble.

This enormous spider ran out onto the sidewalk as we went by.

I wanted to sniff the tarantula that we almost stumbled over, but my female person squealed and leapt away from it, pulling me along with her. My male person watched it for a while and took the picture. I think his reaction was much more appropriate, don’t you?

The Fay Canyon Trail is shady and I loved how easy it was to walk on the sandy path.

On Tuesday morning, we hiked in Fay Canyon. Hikes are even better than walks because they last longer and there are more things to sniff.

When my people spotted the arch above Fay Canyon, of course, we had to go up. Personally, I love a good climb, but it was a little hot on that rocky path.

When we got to the top, I cooled off in the shade while they took pictures.

My people really like taking pictures. I guess if a camera could record all the fascinating odors I pick up on a hike, I would take a lot of pictures, too. It would be nice to have an olfactory souvenir of our trip.

This was my view of the arch over my head from my cool spot against the rock wall.

After our hike, we had lunch on the deck at Red Rock BBQ. I was content to sprawl in the shade of our umbrella with my bowl of cold water. Then, I got my own dish of pulled pork. People in this town really know what dogs like!

The West Fork Trail crisscrosses a flowing stream

It was cool when we started out on Wednesday morning, but as it got closer to noon, the temperature rose. I was so happy to wade through the water on the West Fork Trail. If only they would have let me chase that squirrel… but they never do. Still, I have to say it was my all-time favorite hike.

On our way back home to San Diego, we stopped at Montezuma Castle National Monument.

Watching my people pack the suitcases made me nervous. They would never leave me behind. I know they wouldn’t. I was feeling twitchy, though, and I was glad to get out of the car for a while, even if it was blazing hot at Montezuma Castle.

We took a short walk on a sidewalk so my people could look up at the houses on the cliff. I suppose the families who lived there had reasons for building their homes like that, but how did their dogs get all the way up there?

I appreciated the chance to stretch my legs, but I was happy when it was time to get back in the air-conditioned car and drive on home. Still, I hope we go back to Sedona sometime. I want to hike West Fork Trail again.

If you ever go there, tell them Lola sent you.


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22 responses to “Sedona

  1. Shary, I love, love that Lola has done a guest post! It’s wonderful to see things from this little lady’s perspective! Creative and wonderful to read! The photos are great too! 🙂

  2. Lola, I’m glad you had a good visit to my home town of Sedona. The next time you visit you should hike the Sugarloaf Trail. That’s where my person always takes me. Maybe we can hike it together. –Bongo

  3. Susan McBeth

    Lola’s guest post is wonderful Shary. What an experience to view Sedona thru the eyes of a dog :>)

  4. Lola is such a clever dog! As good a writer as her female owner, too. Thanks, Lola for the story of your incredible adventure. Tonight, I’ll be reading it aloud as a bedtime story for my dog, Henry. He’s going to love it, I just know.

  5. Barbara

    Lola, this looks and sounds like a great book for kids! Maybe your people would let you publish it.

  6. I love this post! What a great idea to write from Lola’s perspective. It’s funny because we have little pretend voices for our animals. I should tap into that and write from their point of view sometime. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Lola,

    I am glad you had such a great trip. I love Sedona too! It is a great place for humans and dogs to adventure together! It is great to hear from your window on the world.


  8. anita carol smith

    Dear Lola,
    Zat was a great trip to Sedona you had, my dear. But….zo sorry about the squirrels. My peepul will not let me chase them either. And those little furry rodents smell so good, too. They look so round and tender…my mouth is watering just thinking about them.
    Being a French dog, of course, I would like my squirrel with a little bechamel sauce. We must, Mademoiselle Lola, put our heads together and find a way to acquire zose tasty morsels for ourselves. Ze peepul ‘av not heard the last from us.

    Your friend,

  9. S

    Dear Lola,
    You are one lucky dog!

    I suppose if I ever deigned to get in the car I could go on trips too.

    I do enjoy catching a breeze when my persons open the door but my supervision of the house is too important to leave to the fish.

    I sometimes get treats but my persons have become quite used to my habit of standing in the center of the kitchen and yelling for service.

    I have even taken to munching on plastic which has great crunch potential but that might be counter productive as my persons scold at me but don’t go and get more food.

    Tell me more about your trips and I will tell you about watching the glittery fish in the tank and the noisy birds outside the front window.

    Your Four Foot Cousin (species aside)

    • It’s a deal, Einstein. I’ll tell you more about my trips if you tell me more about the fish and the birds. I love to chase birds. And cats. Wait… you’re a cat. Must not chase you… so hard to resist. Maybe we’d better stick to meeting online.

  10. Lola, excellent post, and so glad you included the pictures your people took. They were amazing, as are you!

  11. b0ng0

    Hi, Lola, thank you for visiting my blog – and now I see, how adventerous your life is, besides digging holes! Squirrels with sauce béchamel – seems half a lasagna – yummie – but street.puppy zhat I was, I would take it in any way it comes along. *wuff* b0ng0 (the other)

    • lolapup

      I do manage to entertain myself and I can see that you do, too. Love the photos of your adventures on your blog. I can’t wait to see more.