Trolley Dances Update

The concert was as amazing as I had hoped.  We saw six unique dances in unusual spaces. I can’t choose a favorite.

Between dances, the audience was entertained by Circle Circle dot dot, a collaborative community-based theatre company. They performed whimsical vignettes at trolley stops and even on the trolley car.

You can read Janice Steinberg’s review of Trolley Dances, Get Moving with Trolley Dances in SignonSanDiego. There’s also a piece written by one of the dancers and choreographers, John Diaz.  If you’re interested in seeing photos of the dances, visit Rotepix.

There’s still one more weekend to see Trolley Dances.

Performances are scheduled for Saturday, October 1 (Saturday tours leave on the hour at 10, 11, 12, 1, 2 and 3) and Sunday, October 2 (Sunday tours leave every half hour at 1, 1:30, 2, 2:30, 3 and 3:30). Each tour lasts about 3 hours.

Tickets are $30 for general admission, $20 for seniors and $15 for students and they are available online and on the ground level at Grantville Station on performance days. An all-day trolley pass is included with price of admission.


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8 responses to “Trolley Dances Update

  1. Crystal Mercado

    I’m glad you enjoyed it!!

  2. That looks like so much fun. Sometime I’ll have to make a trip to San Diego when that is going on.

  3. Same here! I live in Northern Cal and have still yet to visit San Diego. I know! Maybe next year. I’d love to see this!

  4. Wow, looks like you had amazing fun! Was it hard resisting getting up and dancing along?