Dog Beach: a guest post by Lola

Let me start by saying that I am not a water dog. It has been suggested that I am part Labrador Retriever. This may be true, but I do not like to swim. I do, however, love the ocean. I love the smells, the waves, the wind, the birds. I love how my feet dig in the sand when I chase my ball. I love to run into the surf and race the water back to shore. It’s exhilarating.

You might have heard that the Pacific Ocean is cold. This is true. In winter, I prefer that my people throw the ball down the beach. On a hot summer day, I’d rather chase it out into the water. Sometimes if my ball gets too sandy, I’ll carry it out into the water myself to rinse it off after I fetch it. There’s nothing better than standing in the cool water as the waves ebb and flow.

When it's hot, I love to run out into the ocean, but only as far as I can touch.

I am always ready to chase the ball.

I love to catch a ball on the fly. Usually it bounces once... but only once.

If the ball lands too far out in the water or if the waves carry it away before I can fetch it, I’ll still go after it. It’s not that I can’t swim, just that I prefer not to.

It's not easy to keep my head above water, but I manage.

As soon as my feet can touch, I leap over the waves until the water is shallow enough that I can race ahead of the surf.

Most of the time I go to the beach just with my people. We always have a great time and I’m perfectly happy to chase my ball until I get tired. But the best days are when I go to the beach with my buddy. Stella was my first friend when I was a pup. She taught me how to play and she’s a very loyal pal.

This is me with my best friend, Stella. She's a very cool Boxer.

I know what a lucky dog I am to live near the beach. If you’ve never been, you
should give it a try. I promise you won’t regret it.


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31 responses to “Dog Beach: a guest post by Lola

  1. I LOVE Lola’s posts. She makes me so happy, especially with the pictures you add Shary! I hope you keep this series of blog posts going :>)

  2. Tom Scanlan


  3. OM Gosh I loved this. Lola is a very good writer. She’ll give you a run for your money! How cute is this?

    Your photos are great!! I wish I could trust my dog at the beach…he’d probably run off never to be seen again. Or swim out too far and got sucked under by a wave. Too scary. My dog never has any fun because he is just too naught. Ha!

    • I wish I could claim all of the photos. Some are mine, but some are my husband’s. He’s pretty good at taking pictures.

      The beach isn’t for every dog, but the one we go to is designed to keep the dogs pretty well-contained. If Lola liked to swim, I’d have more to worry about, but she prefers to stay near the shore. We always have a great time and when we get home, she’s super tired and much less naughty! 🙂

      • I wanted to tell you that this post inspired me to take my wild and ill-behaved dog out into the country to run around and swim in the slough. Not as exciting as the beach, but it’s isolated enough so I don’t have to worry about other dogs or people. LOL! Truly, after reading this I felt I should do something nice for my dog 😉

        Thanks for your comments on my post about the skating rink!

  4. Love this Lola! You are very photogenic, and look like a ballet dancer at the beach! It is fun to hear from you!

    • lolapup

      Thanks, Kim! I love dancing. I’ve never tried ballet, but maybe I could get my person to teach me a few things.

  5. Lola, I clicked on Shary’s blog and saw you were starring in a post and Roxy and I jumped for joy! And it’s a beach post! Roxy just went to the beach as well. I can see how much fun you had and I hope that you will continue to share any fun activity you participate in with us! 🙂

    • lolapup

      Hi Bella,
      Thanks for visiting! I saw the pictures of Roxy’s trip to the beach. It’s just the best and I’m so lucky I get to go there a lot. Looks like Roxy likes it, too. I’m be sure to steal some computer time to share my next adventure, whatever it turns out to be.

  6. Fifi

    Thanks Lola, for zee cool post and also the photos. You are photogenic…maybe you should consider a modeling career…..I will tell you confidentially, I have actually considered it for myself, but being French, I’m probably not wanting to make zee spectacle of myself…

    • lolapup

      Fifi, you are too kind. And since you are French, I’m sure you must know a lot about modeling even if it isn’t something you do yourself. I don’t know if I’ll ever try it, but I’ll do my best to be patient next time my people get the camera out. Sometimes that camera gets in the way of the ball throwing.

  7. Einstein

    How brave you are to enter the water. I fight a constant battle with the water at my home and my persons are no help. I tell them loudly in the morning to be careful but they insist on letting in a stream into the small room next to the room with the bed. Ordinarily I like this room as it has many doors TWO of which lead to shoes for sniffing. I hurry into the room with the glass door after they let the water in to make sure the house is still safe – sometimes they are careless and I have to help them clean the water off their ankles. My smallest person – you might remember siting on the couch with her – actually sits in a small pool full of water and bubbles. If I am not careful, she can splash me with the water.
    I certainly prefer my water to sit tamely in my bowl.

    • lolapup

      Water is definitely better for drinking than for swiming in, but wading and splashing can be fun. Maybe you don’t ever get hot enough to enjoy standing in cold water. ???

  8. Yes, please keep up Lola’s writing! I love these posts! Lola is so great. Is she a shepherd mix too? I’m sure you feel this way too, but we have voices for what we think our dogs sound like. And you become so close with your animals that writing a blog from their perspective isn’t that difficult. Or are we just nutty?

    • I talk to Lola all the time and she always talks back. 🙂 We’re not sure what she is… probably border collie/lab/something. Maybe shepherd. She really is a great companion and she keeps me from sitting still for too long.

  9. Lola writes again! This post made my day! I love the pictures, too. Life’s better with a Lola at your side. Or a Roxy, or Henry. 🙂

  10. I wish to be Lola just for a day 🙂 and go and enjoy the beach with my humans!! What a life!!!

  11. Lola, the beach looks like so much fun – and those are some great pictures of you. My people won’t take me to the beach when they go. They say it takes them hours to get there and I wouldn’t like to long drive. -Bongo

    • lolapup

      Car rides can be tough. I don’t mind one day in the car, but two days is tough. Sometimes we go that far, but only if we’re going to stay at our destination for a long time.

  12. iowadogblog

    Great photos–full of doggie joy! My dogs like the lake beach, but they’ve never been to a “real” beach–not sure what they’d think of the salt water.

    • A beach is a beach! So much fun. If your dogs like water, they’d probably like salt water, too. When we first took Lola to the beach, we had to make sure she drank out of the bottle we brought for her instead of drinking the salt water, but she learned fast.

  13. Sandra Hike

    I love this!!!!!! Lola is too cute . . .

  14. How creative, giving Lola a voice.
    Well, Lola. I like the way my feet sink into the sand too, There’s just something about it that makes me feel good. 🙂

    • lolapup

      Sand is great for our feet. My person usually wears shoes… she misses a lot that way, but I guess her feet must be delicate. When we go to the beach, though, she takes them off.

  15. I’m so glad you get to enjoy the ocean, Lola. I wish my Abby Dog were still around so she could play in the Atlantic Ocean. She was a Texas dog and never got to experience what the ocean was like. I think she would have liked it. You look very athletic. Do you work out?

    • lolapup

      I bet your Abby Dog would have liked it, too. I have been to Texas, and I never go to the ocean when I’m there. It’s a very big state, though. We drive and drive and drive and it seems like we’ll never get where we’re going.
      My person tells me I’m an athlete. I do play a lot… does that count as working out? Plus I walk with my person four times a week and I run with my other person once or twice a week. I also chase balls, rabbits, squirrels, birds and skunks. That keeps me on the move.