My Favorite Dog Blogs: a guest post by Lola

My person is working hard on a novel this month. She is always writing something, but she has a special project in November called NaNoWriMo. What a funny word!

While she is busy, I’m taking over her blog. Today, I’m going to tell you about some great friends that I’ve met on the Internet. They are all very smart humans and canines who write interesting things about dogs.

Bassa’s Blog is written by a super intelligent Caucasian shepherd dog who lives in Georgia (the country, not the state). She blogs about her daily walks and shares the wisdom of her tall person as well as lots of her own interesting thoughts.

Bones’ Diary is the journal of a border terrier puppy who blogs about growing up with a busy family of dogs, cats, and skins (people). He’s very funny.

Bongo – Pfote Drauf is by a rescue dog from Bosnia. I think Pfote Drauf means “paw on it” but I don’t speak German, so I’m not sure. Lots of Bongo’s posts are written in both German and English. There are great photos, so knowing the language isn’t necessary. There’s a button you can push to get a translation, though. My other person speaks a little German and he says the translation isn’t always right, but I can get the idea.

Bongo Dog Blog is by my friend from Arizona. We met online after he saw pictures of my family hiking in his town. He’s so lucky that he gets to go on those hikes every day. He has many adventures that he shares on his blog.

Iowa Dog Blog is about all kinds of fun dog activities and other dog news. The person who writes it has two boxers. I love boxers! And I like Iowa, too. I’ve never been, but my people go a lot because my other person grew up there. Maybe one day I will get to go along.

Rumpy Dog is a malamute and he’s an activist and a journalist. He does lots of interviews with interesting people and animals. Sometimes one of his cats will post a rant or an essay and sometimes there is an advice column by Rumpy’s friend DeDe.

The (mis)Adventures of Sage is written by an Australian kelpie who lives in Oregon. She is very energetic and has great adventures in which she often gets dirty. I love to read her stories.

Tales and Tails is a blog about greyhounds. I’ve never met a greyhound, but I saw one running at the dog park once. They are fast! These greyhounds live with a German shepherd dog, who also has her own blog… Wandering Wolfy, a photographic journal.

If you are interested in dogs and our adventures, you might want to visit some of my friends’ blogs to meet them. They all have that special canine talent for making the most out of life.


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32 responses to “My Favorite Dog Blogs: a guest post by Lola

  1. Well, Lola, it is awfully good of you to take of your owner’s blog while she is busy. Be sure to be a really good girl during this time! And give her lots of extra hugs and kisses. If you do this, you might even get some extra doggy biscuits! Thank you for this list of dog blogs, they look like fun to visit!

  2. Thanks Lola for sharing your blog recommends for your canine friends. Since I have an extra hour today, perhaps that is how I will spend it. And let your person know that we are cheering her on for NaNoWriMo!

    • lolapup

      I’m going to spend my extra hour napping on the couch, but if you spend yours visiting my friends, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. They are very interesting.

  3. These sound fascinating. I’m always looking for new canine blogs I can share with my dog, Henry. And as soon as I walk him, we will! Please let Shary know we’re all rooting for her. NaNoWriMo rocks and so does she!

  4. This was a lovely idea for a post Lola and thank you for listing me 🙂 I wish your person the best of luck with NaNoWriMo and lots of inspiration and creativity 🙂

  5. lolapup

    My person says “Thank you!” to everyone for the NaNoWriMo support. She’s typing furiously today.

  6. Lola I love it when you take over your person’s blog. Thanks for including me in your post. -Bongo

  7. Okay, what’s so funny is that all three of the bloggers who liked this post (including me) have dog photos as their avatar. And I must say that Lola is one well-read dog. I only wish my dogs has that kind of discipline.

    • That is funny, Leah. Dogs are so photogenic! I guess it does seem that Lola reads a lot. I don’t think it’s discipline so much as being in synch with her pack. I read, so she reads. 🙂

  8. anitra

    Hi Lola
    Nice of you to help out your person by blogging…would that be “dogblogging”?

    I’m reading a book about a handsome and intelligent dog that you might like – the title is Rin Tin Tin, by Susan Orlean.


    • lolapup

      That sounds like a great book. I’ll have to ask my person to check it out from the library for us to read together.

  9. Wow, Lola is participating at NaNoWriMo, she sure writes more than I do!

    • lolapup

      I’m not exactly participating. I’m just helping my person out so she can do it. She’s so busy writing that she forgot to go buy dog food yesterday and I got treats for breakfast. I hope I have my regular supper tonight, but I didn’t mind all those extra treats just this once.

  10. Andrea Thomson Viner @ Iowa Dog Blog

    Thanks for the shout, er bark, out Lola! Tell Shary good luck with NaNoWriMo! I’m excited to hear how the month ‘o writing went.

    • lolapup

      You’re welcome. I love to read about Gertie and Duke. I will tell my person you’re cheering her on and maybe she’ll give a progress report.

  11. Lola, I was over the moon when I saw you had a post! And what a wonderful post it is! I’ve already visited all the blogs on your list and I agree, they are wonderful! Roxy’s been thinking of starting her own blog, for quite a while now, and hopefully we’ll be able to do that during the Christmas break. Thank you for sharing these neat blogs with us! 🙂

    • lolapup

      I’m so glad you met my friends. And I think it would be great if Roxy had her own blog. Maybe you could take pictures for her blog, too, since you’re so good at that.

  12. einsteincat

    I spent some time reading your favorite blogs – you know sitting on my person’s lap IS the best angle for reading a computer screen. I was quite pleased to see a few cats in the mix too. Go put your nose under your person’s arm and see if she is still working.

    • lolapup

      Hi Einstein,
      I guess I do know a few felines online. Rumpy has several cats who make appearances on his blog.
      My person is done writing, but now she is folding laundry. We should be playing ball, but I guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow. At least she got me a new toy when she bought dog food this afternoon. It’s very cool.

  13. So glad you found a way to keep up with your blog while you’re busy writing! Lola seems like she’s totally got this —

  14. This is TOO funny! I had no idea there were so many dog blogs out there — I’ll need to start reading them to my lab Abby! Also, I’ve had my husband and daughter blog for me when times get busy, but I think it may be time to call on Abby too. Great idea! Happy writing & arf arf to you Lolapup from Abby!

    • I think there might be more dog blogs than there are writer blogs! 🙂 Lola is a big help when I’m swamped and I bet Abby would be delighted to help you, too.

  15. Nel

    Hi Lola! I found your/your person’s blog through Bassa’s and Bongo’s (that ball of mischief in AZ). I’ll be dropping in again soon. 🙂 I also like this list. I’ll be checking these other blogs out.


  16. enjoyed your guest blog, Lola! you sure are talented.

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