My Friends: a guest post by Lola

I am a lucky dog to have a lot of wonderful human and animal friends. Friends are what make life fun, so today, while my person is still busy working on her NaNoWriMo project,  I’d like to introduce you to my furry pals.

You might have read in one of my other posts about my best friend, Stella. She is a boxer and we met when I was a puppy. We love to walk, hike, jog and play together. We’ve even been sprayed by a skunk together. Life is so much more fun with Stella by my side.

Stella grew up with Lucy and Doc, both dachshunds. Sadly, Doc isn’t with us anymore. Lucy is getting older, but she is still in charge of the house.

Another friend from my puppyhood is Spencer, a cocker spaniel. We met at puppy class and played at the dog park together. Now, we mostly just meet for coffee. (We don’t drink the coffee… our people do.)

I’ve lost a few of my first friends. That is one of the saddest things about being a dog. We get old fast. Of course there was Doc, who loved to play ball even more than I do.

Mandi was a Rottweiler and she was the queen of my universe. She loved going for rides in the car, but don’t worry, she didn’t really drive. Nala, a calm and wise Rhodesian ridgeback, lived across the street from Mandi and we all took many early morning walks together.

Now I take my morning walks with my best pal Stella and with Clara and Pete. They are sister and brother Rhodesians. They are two years old and they are really big, especially Pete. They love to sleep, but they are also very good hunters. Every small movement catches their attention. Once, Pete spotted a fox, but since we walk on leashes, we couldn’t chase it. My person says we would never have caught it, but I’d have liked to try.

I have one tiny friend, Sparky. She is a Maltese and she’s white and fluffy. We don’t get to see each other very often, but she is a super fun doggy dog. There is nothing small about her personality.

My other really close friends that I play with a lot are Sydney, an Aussie shepherd/springer spaniel and Regal, a Labrador retriever/golden retriever mix.

Sydney is the boss and sometimes she has to remind me of that, but she watches out for me. Regal trained to be a service dog to help a disabled person through Canine Companions for Independence, but unfortunately, she didn’t pass the test. They said she liked toys too much. Loving to play seems like a good thing to me, but I guess if you have a job helping a special person, you have to be serious.

You may have noticed that most of my friends are canines, but I do have one feline friend. As a general rule, I view cats as the enemy, but my kitty cousin, Einstein, is an exception. If we ever met face to face, the fur would fly, but we have a great virtual relationship.

Telling you about all of my pals makes me feel happy and reminds me of how much I am loved. I hope you have good friends like I do. If you need a friend, look for a furry one. We are very entertaining and we have lots of love to share. You might even find a sidekick who can help you with your work.


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24 responses to “My Friends: a guest post by Lola

  1. You have amazing friends Lola! I enjoyed reading about them and seeing their pictures 🙂

  2. Thanks, Lola, for a wonderful post and the lovely photos of all your furry friends!


    dis donc lola! tu as beaucoup d’amis chiens ! alors une caresse de ma part à tous tes copains qui sont aussi craquants les uns que les autres !
    shary: j’adore les glycines de ton fond de blog ! ça fait un bel effet ! bisous de france et meilleur souvenir !
    jo gilles

    • lolapup

      Merci d’avoir visite le blog!
      Moi, j’aime les fleurs mais je prefere la pelouse parce que j’aime rouler dans l’herbe. Shary adore les glycines comme toi. On a eu tres peu cette annee. Peut etre l’annee prochaine…

  4. Sandra Y. Hike

    Dear Lola, (woof!)

    You are a very lucky fur baby to have so many friends. I adore you and miss seeing you and your mom. When summer comes, we will have to take a trip to Balboa Park. Please say hello to your mother and father . . .



  5. Andrea Thomson Viner @ Iowa Dog Blog

    You look so happy with all of your friends! And you’re lucky that your mom has helped you cultivate lots of friendships–since you can’t drive and all. 🙂

    • lolapup

      I am a lucky dog. Most of my friends live in my old neighborhood and I could walk to their houses. When we moved, that was the saddest part. Now we have to ride in the car to see each other, but we do it every week. I love rides!

  6. WOW! You have a lot of friends, but the pic I love best is the one of you with Sydney and Regal (but then I have a soft spot for labs & lab mixes!).

    • lolapup

      We live in a very doggy neighborhood. We’ve never all walked together, but there are often three or four of us canines in a group. We get a few double takes. 🙂

  7. Lola, I just love it when you get to do a post on your person’s blog, and it’s so much fun meeting your friends. Now I feel that they’re sort of like my friends too.

    • lolapup

      Thanks, Bongo! I’m sure they would like to be friends with you and they’d love hearing about your adventures.

  8. Anitra

    Lola,it’s so clear from your photos how much your person loves you. Your happiness is all over your face. I especially lovethe picture of you with Regal and Sydney….Fifi and Anitra

  9. I love all Lola’s friends! That photo of Clara and Pete just melted my heart. And I’d love to take Lucy home with me. By the way, Lola, I too used to see cats as the enemy. But now that I have two, I love them. And I love how they play with my beagle, Casey. It’s a great little family of animals.

    • lolapup

      Casey is a lucky dog to have a fun family of people and cats. I don’t know if I’ll ever have the chance to learn to love a kitty since my person is allergic. She comes home with the scent of them on her hands sometimes, but they always make her sneeze.

  10. Lola! I loved, loved, this post! You are so good, my friend! I so enjoyed seeing the many photos of your friends. I’m so sorry for the friends that have passed away like Doc. It’s very sad but it’s part of the cycle of life, you know? What a great time you must have with all those furry friends! I think you must have more fun that the humans at times! All your friends seem lovely and you are just wonderful! Roxy says she would love to be in your circle of furry friends! 🙂

    • lolapup

      We canines do know how to have fun. It’s just not our nature to worry about the past or future like humans do, so we can enjoy the moment. I’m sure Roxy would love all of my friends and they would love her, too. Tell her she’s one of us!

  11. Nel

    What lovely and dashing pals you have, Lola. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing a little about them with us.
    Happy Thanksgiving (in case I don’t get the chance to say it) to you and your people!

  12. Hey there Lola! What a great bunch of friends you have! woo woo woo! Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving.