Spring Fever: a guest post by Lola

You might think we’re not susceptible to spring fever in San Diego and while it’s true that we have pretty good weather most of the time, we do have shorter days in winter and the temperature drops at night. My undercoat gets thicker from November through April and my person has to wear a hat and scarf for our morning walks.

When the days get longer, I have more energy and I need to do something with it. I want to get outside and enjoy the light, but lately, the weather hasn’t been cooperating. We’ve had quite a few rainy days and the furnace still runs to take of the morning chill. I don’t mind the colder weather since I have that nice warm undercoat, but my person won’t leave the door open for me when the heat is on. I think she should just turn off the furnace, open the door and wear a coat in the house, but I haven’t talked her into that yet.

My other person promised me that it’s going to get warm today and I’m hoping he’s right. I need that back door open so I can properly patrol both the house and the yard. Lounging around in the window seat might look relaxing, but it doesn’t satisfy me. I do enjoy watching the new hummingbird feeder out my window, but it’s not the same as actually chasing the birds and bunnies.

And my person needs to get back to her normal writing and gardening routine instead of going crazy with other things.

She can keep working on her needlepoint picture after the sun goes down, but I’ll be very glad to see that paint brush and roller go back to the basement where they belong.  I don’t care if she brings her notebook or her digger, but this afternoon, we need to get outside!


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33 responses to “Spring Fever: a guest post by Lola

  1. Enjoy the beautiful day, Lola!

  2. Lola we have the same problem with our humans. They close the door to our yard in the winter. We hate it! They should just bundle up. Thankfully, it is warmer now and it is what we call “open-door season.” They leave the door to our yard open most of the day 🙂

    We hope you enjoy your day and that nice weather.
    Bella and DiDi

  3. I’ve missed you Lola and was so glad to share Spring Fever with you!

  4. I’m jealous Lola and I’m human.

  5. Lola, Happy Spring. Love the photos, especially the one of the humingbird feeder. What a gorgeous view! 🙂

  6. Hi Lola, I am lucky, tall person’s motto is “walk whatever the weather” 🙂 I do hope you get out soon! I like your hummingbird feeder and your person’s needlepoint is beautiful.

    • Lola

      We walk in most weather, but our walks only last an hour. I like to be busy all day. 🙂

      I’ll tell my person you like the needlepoint and I’m sure she’ll appreciate it. She says she hasn’t tried it in a very long time and she had to learn how all over again.

  7. Spring is a beautiful season, but it makes me SICK!

  8. I envy your window spot in the sun, looks spectacular, Lola! As for the thicker winter coats — my lab Abby knows all about that, except now it’s all over the floor of our house 🙂 BUT yesterday I ordered a fancy brush called the FURMINATOR… how I’ll be spending MY evenings instead of doing needlepoint!

    • Lola

      My person has a Furminator for me, too. It feels so good to get rid of all of that itchy loose hair.

  9. I’ve got spring fever, too, Lola. I want to play hooky from work, but since I’m already retired, I guess it’s okay.

  10. Lola, sounds like you should have a heart-to-heart with your person. Like, try a little psychology. As outgoing as you are, being indoors would surely cramp your style. At least when the weather’s not that great, maybe an indoor hobby would satisfy you for a bit or try asking for your favorite food.

    • Lola

      I do have some indoor hobbies that I like. We dance and do tricks, especially on rainy days. But there’s nothing like hunting in the yard to perk me up. I’ll just go over and sit by the door until my person opens it.

  11. einsteincat

    Hang in there. I know your person will take you outside soon and the weather gets better every day. It also looks like she is making great progress on the picture of the farm so it should not be long before you get your lap back for evening napping after a vigorous day on patrol.

    My humans are also working on sprucing things up. The outside of the house is very tidy – even the roses and holly are somewhat tamed. It does make it easier for me to keep an eye on the birds but I look forward to the time when my humans get the inside of the house neatened up too. Then perhaps I will have a pillow or bench by the window like yours.

  12. littleroxy

    Lola, that window sure provides you with a beautiful view! I’m sorry the weather hasn’t allowed you to patrol the yard. Hopefully it will warm up soon and you’ll be able to roam free. The weather where I live hasn’t been very good lately. It’s been very cloudy and cold. I too am looking forward to sunnier skies. Please tell your person that my mom loved her needlepoint work. I don’t know what that is but my mom oohed and aahed when she saw it! Take care, Lola!

    • Lola

      Cloudy and cold isn’t good. But you’ve got that summer vacation coming up. I know you’re going to have a great time.

      I’ll tell my person you liked the needlepoint. It seems like a silly thing to do, threading yarn through fabric, but my person enjoys it, so there must be more too it than that.

  13. fluteriffs

    I see that it is sometimes work being a dog. There’s so much you don’t get to choose. It’s like being a person-kid in that way. You’re lucky, Lola, to have people who pay attention to how you’re feeling.

    • Lola

      I do have to rely on my person for a lot. But luckily she seems to enjoy making me happy. And she doesn’t mind sharing her pillow.

  14. Wow! You have been busy! I loved Lola’s comment about you wearing a coat in the house. If dogs could talk, I think that’s precisely what they’d say!

  15. Oh yeah! Spring fevea- I’m feeling ya!