My writing and reading schedule has been overtaken by rehearsals lately, but the next California Rhythm Project dance concert opens tonight!

Pass It On

March 8th & 9th, 7:30pm, Southwestern College Dance Studio Theater

I’m nervous, but excited and I feel so lucky that I get to dance with such an amazing group of tappers. I’m planning to enjoy this weekend to the fullest because I know it will be over in a blink.

Then, my rehearsal schedule will settle down for a while and I’ll be back at work on my novel and also on a short story that I plan to submit to Ashland Creek Press for their forthcoming anthology, Among Animals. This story doesn’t feature Lola, but perhaps my next one will.

Meanwhile, I’m also pondering which book I want to nominate for next year’s One Book, One San Diego selection. Should I choose an old favorite? Or a new one?

I just finished reading Life of Pi by Yann Martel (I know, everyone else has already read it) and I can see what all the fuss was about.

Next up in my TBR stack are:

American Umpire by Elizabeth Cobbs Hoffman

A new political science and history book by the award-winning novelist and historian who also happens to be mom to Lola’s Dalmatian pal, Casey.

Canada by Richard Ford

“First, I’ll tell about the robbery our parents committed. Then the murders, which happened later.”

Who wouldn’t be intrigued by that?

Traveling with Pomegranates by Sue Monk Kidd and Ann Kidd Taylor

A mother/daughter travel memoir by an author whose novels I’ve enjoyed.

Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter

This book club pick is earning high praise from NPR, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Entertainment Weekly, Publishers
Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, and The San Francisco Chronicle. Sounds like a winner!

I have until the end of the month to make my One Book, One San Diego nomination. But we all know how time flies. I’d better get busy reading!

What exciting books or projects are up next for you?


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17 responses to “Anticipation

  1. Wow, you are one busy lady. I’ll be thinking of you this weekend as you dance away. Break a leg and remember to take lots of pictures for those of us who can’t be there but are with you in spirit!

  2. Whew, Shary. A whirlwind of activity! As for me, I’m trying to get as much writing done as possible in the next couple of weeks. My daughter will be home soon, and I want to have my weekends free to spend with her. Good luck with the opening. Hope all goes well and, of course–break a leg! 😉

  3. Sounds like you’ve been so busy! I love the One Book program and think it’s great how you can nominate a book this time around. And of course, I’m also dying to get my hands on Lisa’s new book! Hope to see you again soon. Good luck with all your dancing and writing adventures!

  4. Your busy week sounds more fun than mine…
    My List?
    Figure out Configurator (for the iPads at school)
    “Take a look at the Geography Review” because we need to prepare one for World History
    Get Mom’s iPad to talk to my computer – so I can share Florida pictures
    Consult with the great builder about the wall – particularly the spots for random pink stones…
    Visit the Dentist and Eye-doctor (check-ups)
    and the BIG TASK…
    Unearth and rearrange the living room – in part because Lacy has become an efficient “bug-mouser” and furniture climber

  5. That photo of the dancers is amazing!! Are you in the pic? How did it go? I am so impressed by the dedication to perform in such a time-consuming and exciting production — but I’m assuming it’s a very similar feeling to being in the writing zone: in the back of your mind all the time… exciting! Yet, at the same time, looking forward to a less consumed state of mind. Can’t wait to hear how the performance went!

    • I love that photo… Wish I were in it. The performances went well and we’re taking a short break before we dive in again. I really love dancing and even all of the organizational stuff, but I’m very glad that I’ll be able to just focus on writing for a couple of weeks.

  6. Shary, I wish I could’ve seen your performances! What an exciting adventure to follow your dance dream again — followed by your writing dream. Here’s to dreaming double! 😉

    • I’m definitely having a good time doing the things I love. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures in songwriting. It’s a lucky thing to be able to follow our dreams.

  7. Shary, this post is so rich in information! I’m so glad I’m finally catching up with my blog reading. I’m certain that participating in this project must have been such a wonderful experience! Wasn’t Life of Pi great? I’m glad you finally got around to reading it. Hugs to Lola and you from Roxy and me! 🙂

  8. ‘Beautiful Ruins’ catches my interest simply because of the title. I’m going to have to look it up. I just finished ‘Wild’ by Cheryl Strayed, a woman who hiked the Pacific Crest Trail alone. But the book is much more than a journey along a trail. The photo at the top, of the dancers, captivates me with the sense of movement in a still photograph. What a great image.

    • “Wild” is on my list and I’ve heard great things about it from several friends. I’ll have to bump it up to the top. First, though, it looks like I’ll have to check out the latest in Stabenow’s Kate Shugak series. I didn’t realize there was a new one out until I saw the note on your blog. I’ve enjoyed all of them so far, but it sounds like this one might not be quite the same.

      • The ending of the Stabenow book will bring a strong reaction, I’m sure. Let me know when you’ve read it so I can see what you think. I have a lot of ideas and opinions on the ending.

  9. Shary! I’m so glad you were in another production (as you know, I’ve been largely MIA on Twitter and in the blogging world)… Did you have a blast? And what book did you end up picking? (I had no idea Sue Monk Kidd had a new memoir out! Loved Bees and Mermaid Chair!) Hope the writing is going well and that you’re inspired by spring weather!