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Visitors: a guest post by Lola

Some of my favorite people have come to visit over the past few weeks, all right in a row.  My person has been busy hosting, cooking, talking and laughing. There hasn’t been much writing going on around here, which is fine with me. I think it would be great if we had guests all the time. Sometimes they go places I can’t, but that gives me the chance to nap until they come back to play with me. These are just a few of the places my friends visited and things they saw while they were here.


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Writing About Love

Valentine’s Day can pass virtually unnoticed at our house. Sometimes my husband brings home chocolate and I give him a handmade card. I wish I had a talent for verse so I could write him a poem, but I can usually only come up with verses that begin

Roses are red…

I guess we’re just not romantic people. Still, when I read about the Valentine Essay contest at San Diego Writer’s, Ink, I thought I would write a story about our wedding or the day we met. I sat down at the computer to work, but that’s not what appeared on the page. The love story I wrote turned out to be about Lola.

Surprised? I knew you wouldn’t be.

Bruce didn’t mind. He knows he’s my true valentine, whether we remember the day or not. And he was as thrilled as I was when I called him at work to tell him that my essay Live, Love, Fetch had won second place in the contest. That’s (almost) better than chocolate.


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A Dog’s Life

It’s no secret how much I love my Lola. She’s my walking buddy, protector, furry child, dancing sister, writing companion, my inspiration and my guide to being present in the moment. We don’t speak the same language, but we manage to communicate with words, sounds, movement and expressions. I imagine her thoughts and I know she senses mine.

Bella at One Sister’s Rant often blogs about her adventures with her dog, Roxy. I loved this special post where she shares Roxy’s unique qualities and character traits and reveals their special bond. I also love hearing from Henry on Monica’s Tangled Web, and from Bassa and Bongo. I get a kick out of  Laurie Bartolo‘s fabulous dog photographs and the dog-centric posts on Iowa Dog Blog.

We lucky humans who have dogs in our lives can’t help but ponder the canine experience of the world. Dogs are experts at devoting their attention to their people. They watch us and read us. They give and love and forgive us for not being as honest and loyal as they are.

Books about writing take up the most space on my shelf, but a very close second is books on dogs: stories about dogs, traveling with dogs, hiking with dogs, training dogs, understanding dog behavior. My latest favorite is You Are a Dog: Life Through the Eyes of Man’s Best Friend by Terry Bain. It’s an engaging view of the world from a canine perspective.

The second person narrative gives the reader an intimate connection to a dog’s experience of home and family, of life and love. Having read it, I feel more connected to Lola and to other people who love dogs the way I do. Many thanks to the author of this special book. Dog lovers, give it a sniff. You won’t be disappointed.

Terry Bain won an O. Henry award for his short story, Games, and also wrote We Are the Cat: Life Through the Eyes of the Royal Feline.


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January Plans: a guest post by Lola

I’ve noticed that a new year means a lot to people. They take stock, set goals, make plans. Dogs don’t need to do those things. A nap in a sunny spot feels great. When I feel good, I have no worries and planning doesn’t make much sense.

I imagine my person probably wanted to make some new year plans, but she caught a cold. So instead of evaluating and organizing, she’s been coughing and sneezing. She’s taken some long naps on the couch and I was happy to keep her feet warm. I know I made her feel better.

In spite of her cold, my person did take me to a couple of my favorite places. She says fresh air is good for clearing your head. Last weekend, we went to dog beach. You know how much I love that place. The water was cold, but the air was warm and I had the most fun chasing my ball up and down the shore. My other person got distracted by dolphins a couple of times so I had to remind him to throw the ball. If I get a running start, I can tag him pretty hard. I never knocked him over, but I did get his attention back on me where it belonged.

Today, we went to one of my other favorite places, Balboa Park. It’s a huge park with museums and gardens, hiking trails and open spaces. First we went to Nate’s Point Dog Park. It’s second only to the beach for chasing tennis balls. I always meet a lot of fun dogs there. Today, I watched a husky puppy and a border collie puppy play together. They were cute, but they sure don’t know much yet. I think there was a Great Dane convention there today, too. I was nervous about that crowd at first, but I worked up the nerve to approach a couple of them. I had to crane my neck to sniff them, but they seemed like friendly fellows.

I ran a few tennis ball sprints and then we wandered through the rest of park. There’s a lot to see on a sunny weekend morning. There were tons of joggers and cyclists, more that usual, but I bet that has to do with the January goal setting thing that people do. We also saw some brightly colored birds sitting on perches in the sun. There were musicians and artists and plenty of children. It’s a lively place.

Now that my person is feeling better and not sniffling quite so much, she might decide to do some of that January planning. I’m sure she’ll have a few writing resolutions. As much as she’s been scribbling in her notebook lately, maybe she’s already set some goals and is on her way to meeting them. But I do hope that she doesn’t forget about me when she makes those new year plans. An outing to one of my favorite places every weekend sounds just right to me.

I hope the new year is everything you want it to be.


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