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Creativity and Happiness: a guest post by Lola

My person is happiest when she’s doing something creative. She smiles and laughs more when she’s able to express her creativity through movement in dance, with words in her writing, or with color and texture when she plants flowers in the garden.

Lately, she’s been making a few special presents which she says is a lot more fun than buying them. I know she likes what she’s doing because she’s singing all the time. Sometimes she’s a little loud, but except for that, it sounds nice to me. The most fun is when she sings and dances at the same time. I love to join in and we boogie around the house together. She skips and twirls and I leap around her. We’ve got quite a routine.

Other than dancing, my creative endeavors lean toward excavation (I love to dig trenches in the back yard) and persuasion (I can find a million ways to coax my people to play with me). I’ve enjoyed my foray into writing, though, and I was honored when my pal Bongo gave me an award to celebrate my creative efforts. Thank you, Bongo, for giving my person and me the Kreativ Blogger award.

I met Bongo online after I visited his hometown and I love to read about his wonderful hikes. There are always great photos of the places he goes.  You can read about his adventures at Bongo Dog Blog.

In celebration of creativity, my task is to share a few things about myself. I’ll try to be as creative as I can without resorting to the fiction that my person likes to write.

  1. I love to dance with my person, whether it’s canine freestyle or just dancing around the living room.
  2. I’m good at catching rats.
  3. I am very, very, very fast, which is why I’m good at catching rats.
  4. I am an expert snuggler.
  5. My favorite place to sleep is on my other person’s side of the bed with my head resting on his pillow.

Since this award is for both my person and for me, I asked her who she wanted to pass it to. She chose  Quilting Under the Sun. Colleen shares photos of her beautiful quilting projects and stories about her family which includes two dogs and a cat. Sounds like a happy place to me. I’m sure you’ll enjoy a visit to Colleen’s blog.

And now, as a special holiday treat, I’d like to share a unique canine freestyle performance. Take a look at this trailer for the PAWSitive Therapy Troupe’s version of the Nutcracker. These are some creative canines.


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School for Dogs: a guest post by Lola

My person is still working on that NaNoWriMo project, so I’m back to write a little more about my life. I am a busy dog and I like it that way. I patrol the house and yard and I’m also in charge of rodent abatement. It’s a fun job and I’m good at it. I’ve also taken a few classes to learn things that don’t come quite so naturally.

My teacher is Aleita Downer at Cape-Able Canines. She is a smart person who knows more about dogs than any human I’ve ever met. She teaches many regular dogs like me, but her specialty is training dogs to help people with disabilities. She learned how to do that by studying with Bonnie Bergin, the founder of Canine Companions for Independence.

My first class with Aleita was Puppy Class. I learned Sit, Down, Come, Heel and Stay and I learned how to walk on my leash. When I got older, I took General Obedience where we worked on some of the same things, but it was all just a little harder. Once I could do all of the things I learned in Obedience, I got to take Intro to Agility.  That was fun!

We jumped over obstacles, ran through tunnels, walked on boards that were high off the ground, raced up and down a ramp, went over a teeter totter, and leapt through a hoop. I was very good at agility because I am super fast. I won the race on the last day of class.

I'm very proud of my first place medal.

Next, I took a class called Tricks and Games. I learned to do things like Shake, High Five, Wave, Speak, Crawl and lots more. I love to do my tricks because I get yummy rewards when I do a good job.

Finally, my person signed me up for a class called Canine Freestyle. My person loves to dance and in Canine Freestyle, we dance together. We learned to do some basic movements with music. On the last day of class, we had to perform a short dance for the teacher and the other students.

My person and I are about to perform in class. My teacher and her canine assistant are watching.

This is a short video of my person and me practicing our beginner level dance in our costumes. You may notice that there are plenty of treats involved so I was happy to practice a lot.

If you want to watch an advanced Canine Freestyle dance team, take a look at this amazing video of Carolyn Scott and her dog Rookie dancing to “You’re the One that I Want” from Grease.

My person and I haven’t taken a new class for a while, but we still practice at home. It’s a fun way to spend time together and when we do our tricks for our human friends, it always makes them smile. What better reason could there be for doing anything?


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