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Dog Beach: a guest post by Lola

Let me start by saying that I am not a water dog. It has been suggested that I am part Labrador Retriever. This may be true, but I do not like to swim. I do, however, love the ocean. I love the smells, the waves, the wind, the birds. I love how my feet dig in the sand when I chase my ball. I love to run into the surf and race the water back to shore. It’s exhilarating.

You might have heard that the Pacific Ocean is cold. This is true. In winter, I prefer that my people throw the ball down the beach. On a hot summer day, I’d rather chase it out into the water. Sometimes if my ball gets too sandy, I’ll carry it out into the water myself to rinse it off after I fetch it. There’s nothing better than standing in the cool water as the waves ebb and flow.

When it's hot, I love to run out into the ocean, but only as far as I can touch.

I am always ready to chase the ball.

I love to catch a ball on the fly. Usually it bounces once... but only once.

If the ball lands too far out in the water or if the waves carry it away before I can fetch it, I’ll still go after it. It’s not that I can’t swim, just that I prefer not to.

It's not easy to keep my head above water, but I manage.

As soon as my feet can touch, I leap over the waves until the water is shallow enough that I can race ahead of the surf.

Most of the time I go to the beach just with my people. We always have a great time and I’m perfectly happy to chase my ball until I get tired. But the best days are when I go to the beach with my buddy. Stella was my first friend when I was a pup. She taught me how to play and she’s a very loyal pal.

This is me with my best friend, Stella. She's a very cool Boxer.

I know what a lucky dog I am to live near the beach. If you’ve never been, you
should give it a try. I promise you won’t regret it.


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