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Writing About Love

Valentine’s Day can pass virtually unnoticed at our house. Sometimes my husband brings home chocolate and I give him a handmade card. I wish I had a talent for verse so I could write him a poem, but I can usually only come up with verses that begin

Roses are red…

I guess we’re just not romantic people. Still, when I read about the Valentine Essay contest at San Diego Writer’s, Ink, I thought I would write a story about our wedding or the day we met. I sat down at the computer to work, but that’s not what appeared on the page. The love story I wrote turned out to be about Lola.

Surprised? I knew you wouldn’t be.

Bruce didn’t mind. He knows he’s my true valentine, whether we remember the day or not. And he was as thrilled as I was when I called him at work to tell him that my essay Live, Love, Fetch had won second place in the contest. That’s (almost) better than chocolate.


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