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A Room of My Own

I love my office.

Having my own writing space has always felt essential.  It stimulates my creativity to be surrounded by book cases filled with reference materials and my favorite novels.  I love being able to spread out my files and notebooks and still have room to switch between typing on the computer and writing longhand without dumping stacks onto the floor.

The more I write, though, the less I find I need to be in my office to do it.  I can take my notebook and work on my novel in the waiting room at the garage while my car gets serviced  or settle in at a cafe for an hour and fill pages with words.  I can soak up the creative energy of fellow writers and share some of mine with them when I meet with my writing circle or write at a retreat.

How liberating to know that I can access my writing brain no matter where I am.

When I’m working at home I can often be distracted by life, but I have one thing there that I can’t have anywhere else, and that is my desk.  It’s the reminder I need, when I feel like I might be wasting my time, that someone else thinks I can write.  Bruce built my desk for me because he believes.  That is the most important thing in my room.

Where do you like to write?  What makes that place special for you?


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