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A Dog’s Life

It’s no secret how much I love my Lola. She’s my walking buddy, protector, furry child, dancing sister, writing companion, my inspiration and my guide to being present in the moment. We don’t speak the same language, but we manage to communicate with words, sounds, movement and expressions. I imagine her thoughts and I know she senses mine.

Bella at One Sister’s Rant often blogs about her adventures with her dog, Roxy. I loved this special post where she shares Roxy’s unique qualities and character traits and reveals their special bond. I also love hearing from Henry on Monica’s Tangled Web, and from Bassa and Bongo. I get a kick out of  Laurie Bartolo‘s fabulous dog photographs and the dog-centric posts on Iowa Dog Blog.

We lucky humans who have dogs in our lives can’t help but ponder the canine experience of the world. Dogs are experts at devoting their attention to their people. They watch us and read us. They give and love and forgive us for not being as honest and loyal as they are.

Books about writing take up the most space on my shelf, but a very close second is books on dogs: stories about dogs, traveling with dogs, hiking with dogs, training dogs, understanding dog behavior. My latest favorite is You Are a Dog: Life Through the Eyes of Man’s Best Friend by Terry Bain. It’s an engaging view of the world from a canine perspective.

The second person narrative gives the reader an intimate connection to a dog’s experience of home and family, of life and love. Having read it, I feel more connected to Lola and to other people who love dogs the way I do. Many thanks to the author of this special book. Dog lovers, give it a sniff. You won’t be disappointed.

Terry Bain won an O. Henry award for his short story, Games, and also wrote We Are the Cat: Life Through the Eyes of the Royal Feline.


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