Writing Life

As an unpublished writer, my deadlines are self-imposed and so is my schedule.  It’s easy to procrastinate and to move writing to the bottom of my priority list.  I’ve found a few tools that keep me on track.

  1. I tell my friends what I’m doing.
    Whenever I see them, they ask about my progress.  It’s embarrassing to have nothing to report, so I work to keep my projects moving forward.
  2. I schedule my writing time.
    If I block out time on my calendar for writing, I don’t schedule other activities during those hours. If I have no choice but to make an appointment during my most alert time of day, I move my writing time, but it stays on the calendar.
  3. I use a kitchen timer.
    When I sit down to write, I set the timer for forty-five or fifty minutes.  I write until the timer goes off.   Then I get up and do something else for ten or fifteen minutes.  And then I repeat.

These tricks are simple, but they help me stay focused on what matters to me.